How To Link small Ideas to form One big brand: Building A Brand From Scattered Ideas

Hello, Good day. Just before we hit the track just wanna be sure you're doing great? Okay let's move on.

In today's building a brand tip I'll like to explain why most people never succeed even with all the ideas in the world.

Have you ever had a lot of business and innovative ideas that you didn't know or currently don't know where to start from? If Yes.... then you need to read this thoroughly.
Most times we're so good at telling others about how easy it is to make it while the results is not showing up in our own lives and 90% of the time we blame it on money.

You'll here words like;
  • If only I had Money, I won't be here today.
  • I don't have the kind of money I need.
  • I have a lot of business Ideas, I don't just have the money to embrace them. 

This is just to mention a few.

What's An IDEA

So first let's know what an idea really is;
An IDEA is any thought, conception, notion existing in the mind as a result of mental understanding, awareness, or activity.

Bringing this into this concept, we're talking of having business start-up concepts, thoughts in one's mind due to mental awareness or understanding.

So that's an established fact, We know what Ideas and business ideas are.

Many Ideas?

People usually complain they have too many Ideas, Well Today I'll want to help you narrow all down to what you really want and help you build a brand.

Mark Zuckerberg the CEO and Founder of Facebook Once said, "Ideas Don't Come Out Fully Formed"...
So this leaves you the carrier of these great ideas to put them together in order to make meaning out of them or narrow them down to a bigger better product.

But wait, why should having a lot of business Ideas without money bother you. There're a million and one people with millions yet don't have those ideas, they don't know what to invest on.

Personally I'll advise that if you can, partner with such and leverage on their resources.

But also as a Nigerian from my experiences I know that only a few know such persons all over the world.

What Do You Really Want?

In talking about your ideas and what they may have all meant all this while, We Must look at​ your greatest “WHY”.

  • What do you really want to do with your life?
  • What are your intentions?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • Why do you want what you're looking for?

As easy as they sounded when you read through them, I want you to get a paper, jotter, notepad e.t.c. and a pen or pencil and  answer These questions.

Funny enough you'll discover they're tougher than you thought. Right?

Most times we go no where because we're not congruent, we're confused and we usually blame money and others for our circumstances.

This is the greatest reason for all our failures not others.

We strive so hard trying to fire a 5 engine motor fast with just 2 Engines! Wait, what were you expecting?

Sometimes we have all the 5 engines but we put some off, most times we put them all on but on wrong and contradictory locations so we don't move forward or we don't move as we wish to in life.

So What Does My Ideas Mean?

In trying to get you a brand to stand for rather than waste your efforts on scattered Ideas, I must firstly let you know that you must take responsibility for your life.

Just repeat These words!
  • It's my fault all along.
  • I'm taking responsibility and taking over my life.
  • I'm getting congruent and My brand is a successful one.
Repeat them as much as you could!

Here's What To Do Next

  1. Get your notepad and take down your Ideas, all you can remember.
  2. Look for a central idea that connects all your ideas together; this could be a concept or industry that supports all or most of your Ideas, maybe technology, business, internet, e.t.c.
  3. Give it a name, it becomes your brand; maybe an incoperation of several ideas just like Google Inc. having Google Mail, Google search, Google plus e.t.c.
  4. The name must reflect your brand clearly, Keep it simple And do not be an imitation of someone else, Imitation is self Limitation - “Don't copy others, You'll end up losing your true identify or your​ true brand”.

If you're successful in doing this, Congratulations.  If you were not then kindly use the comments section let's see the difficulties you faced and how we could help ourselves.

If you were successful, Whenever a new idea comes place it somewhere compatible with its purpose on your brand.

What Next??

This is the best part, lemme tell you Where to start from.
Have you ever been to a house, a mansion at that and sang praises of it's beauty?
Yes! We all have one time or the other, maybe not even a house.
But using the house as an example, did you know that you never praised it's foundation?
Yes! We don't most Times, the beauty and the foundation which is more important?

Oh! Maybe you don't still get it.
Start your vision from that smallest, simplest and most inconsequential idea or goal. That's your foundation.
Don't rush to start from on high, that's what you've been doing all this while that makes you blame money for your situations. Start with those little ideas that doesn't require money or much money.

Once you've known your brand, defined who you are and what you really want to do.

Go for it from the least of all the ideas. Also I acknowledge the fact that money is an important factor but as an entrepreneur I also know that you could startup some businesses with little to no capital.

Look for such Opportunities around you, Grab then and leverage on them to achieve your big time vision.

Final Words

I really hope you got my main point, and this inspired you to go for yourself and what you really want.

P.S: Don't scatter Ideas, link them together in their right places and your life and business will achieve congruence and hit your vision.

Do have a wonderful day!


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