About Asingba Samuel

About Asingba Samuel

Asingba Samuel

Asingba Samuel. September 25, 1996 Age: 20 years Sagbama, Bayelsa, NG.

1. No. 1 Asingba close, Baybridge, Yenagoa, Bayelsa state, NG. 2. Amassoma, Bayelsa, NG. 3. Mile II sagbama, bayelsa, NG.

1. High School/college: Science → CSS sagbama [2005-2011] 2. University: Medical laboratory science (MLS) → NDU (Niger delta university) [2013-present]

Investor, Entrepreneur, Pro Blogger,  INFO marketer, Business tutor, App and Web Developer, Motivational speaker, Writer & Author.

CEO of TheSamasins Inc. An Online conglomerate which houses Bitinvestors Club, BNL newspaper, ngGL Entertainment, Infocious Blog, Ideas Crib, CryptoMarket ng, E.T.C.

Rev. Asingba Godspower →father
Mrs. Christina Grant →mother

↓ siblings ↓
Asingba David, Asingba Joseph, Asingba Daniel (Brothers)
Asingba favour blessing, Asingba binaebi, Asingba Daniella Praise (sisters)


Hi, Welcome to The official website of Asingba Samuel.
Asingba Samuel, the CEO of TheSamasins Inc.
I Am a student of NDU Nigeria. (Niger delta university), I hail from Tungbo a Community in Sagbama LGA in Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

Thank you for being here because you're the reason I am who I am and Also I thank the Almighty God More and with all my heart for everything and his grace. I remember once I was just living to make a living and not a difference and even as at that life was difficult for me.

I have a caring and loving mom, a nice Dad. (my family looked perfect) but time came when I had to depend less on them.

Life became difficult but one thing I always told myself was you can make it.
"Boy you're made of gold, you shall be prosperous, bring forth what you have inside you".

And that's exactly what i'm telling you today. You are made of gold, you're important and valuable to your world. 

But after saying all this I was still broke but one day i was on Facebook when i saw a post on making money online, Sorry won't tell you the site.
Okay since you are curious to know; here: jobswo.com, At first I was curious and wanted to know more so I rushed into it and squandered all my savings on it but looks like all i tried ended up being scams. 

I lost all I had saved all the years and was left with nothing, but I never gave up.

And am telling you now, Never give up because your miracle is just 1 step away.

Well I had my hope and God by me, One day I came across an ebook on the internet by Mark Anatasi titled the Laptop Millionaire, though it sounded cool I was scared to buy it thinking it was yet another scam but finally I made a decision, I took the risk and today I'm glad I did, See i'm telling you out there and you reading this now my business gives a lot of free stuff but good information is not free, If you're always looking for freebies you will never succeed in life, learn to invest in yourself and take risks, Okay wait did you know that the life you live is a risk because you don't even know what will happen the next 1 minute from this moment.
It is more risky not to take risks,  I'm here for risk takers & change makers.

Shocking truth: When I'm selling or offering business tutorials even if you doubt  or don't  take action just know that others will and will change their lives with it. 
So make your decision today.

I went through the ebook and it transformed my thinking and everything, It taught me the little I know today.

Note on my masterclasses and offers: 
I'm assuring you a 14 days money back guarantee after 60days of testing or practice period; if still no results in your life, so you have nothing to lose.

You'll only lose the chance of changing your life for not trying, 

I've been scammed a lot of times i know exactly how it feels but that didn't stop me from trying and today i'm who & what i am; that's because i took a risk.

Take a risk now, make a decision {poverty or riches} It's your choice, it's your life.

I'm not a guru, i'm just a guy who knows what really works and wants to give it to you.

#Enjoy this website  and all it offers